For specific product care inquiries, please take your Marlow London item to a trusted leather goods repair shop or email us at

Our Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather is a classic leather that shows its wear beautifully over time, its handcrafted treatment makes each skin irregular and individual.

No toxic chemicals are used in the tanning process and its surface is free of artificial finishes. The surface of Vegetable Tanned Leather will change over time, it will not remain pristine and sleek, and although scratching will occur and the colour will gradually darken, we do not view either as defects; its gradual ageing will add to its beauty. Exposure to water will create spots and while we recommend avoiding rain, the patina created by daily wear-and-tear is meant to change and evolve over time.



To prolong the enjoyment of your Marlow London leather item we recommend the following:

  • Keep your accessory in the dust bag provided whenever you can, to protect it from being marked.
  • Take extra care with light coloured items, which tend to mark more easily. They are susceptible to discolouration, so avoid contact with darker items.

  • Take particular care when using embellished accessories as they are especially delicate and scuffing may damage or dislodge embellishments.

  • As mentioned, Vegetable Tanned Leather is not water-resistant; if exposed to water, leave wet leather to dry naturally – never use artificial heat. We advise stuffing handbags to help keep their shape while drying.

  • Do not expose your accessory to oil, makeup or permanent dyes, as these can stain. In the event your accessory is soiled – other than with permanent dyes – try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream.